Waxahatchee at Uptown Theater

Waxahatchee Tickets

Uptown Theater - KC | Kansas City, Missouri


For the top pop show there is get yourself to the epic Uptown Theater, Kansas City Missouri on Thursday 18th April 2024, when the stunning and award winning Waxahatchee will play at Uptown Theater. This tour has been wildly anticipated, pop lovers have already been grabbing tickets left and right! The night is going to be huge and bustling with fans so be sure to book yours now for a Thursday night of tunes and all over good vibes this April. To secure some, its simple as, it can be done by clicking the 'get tickets' icon when you scroll up, don't hang around, we expect this will be sold out quickly!

Pop performances are are attended by so many thousands of fans, they cannot get enough of the euphoria you get from live music and actually seeing their best loved acts in person, theres something special about it. Pop fans were even more excited when tickets were released for this years spring, 2024 Waxahatchee states tour, it'll be so intense and the hottest concert of the year for sure! Waxahatchee will be live at the impressive Uptown Theater Missouri, Kansas City on Thursday 18th April 2024. Uptown Theater is simply the leading, thousands of fans call it their favourite stadium, they like the situation, the food vendors, simple parking and lets not forget the unbeatable staff, the reviews serve Uptown Theater well! If are in need of a Thursday evening of pure pop music this April this is where its at! Look for the 'get tickets' link, follow it right now to buy some, you cannot miss this!

Waxahatchee at Uptown Theater - KC

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