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If you have been looking for the finest on-stage entertainment in Kansas City, then your search ends with the Uptown Theater. Ever since the theatre was redeveloped and updated for modern day audiences, it has hosted some of the finest live performances on either side of Missouri. Fans of music, drama, Broadway, and other performance styles come from far and wide to enjoy their classic brand of entertainment. And this website may help you get tickets before they sell out!

Whether you’re looking for top-notch music from local and internationally recognized performers, dance recitals from world-class companies, hilarious standup, or thrilling drama, then Uptown Theatre has you covered. And we are here to get you through the door so you can catch the show.

This website will even help you plan a full vacation out of your visit, by helping you book a stay at some of Kansas City’s finest hotels and point out the attractions that you need to see while you’re visiting The City of Fountains.

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