Nikki Glaser at Uptown Theater

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Uptown Theater - KC | Kansas City, Missouri

Nikki Glaser

The hilarious, the unforgettable, Nikki Glaser is back on a US tour for winter, 2024 and we are so excited to go along to enjoy the uplifting evening at the most hilarious show this January, or likely of the whole year! Showing at the greatest comedy venue in the whole city, on Saturday 27th January 2024, the wonderful Uptown Theater, Kansas City, Missouri, having a great venue will only make your night better! If you want to jump on this giggle fest then book directly from this page, just follow the link above today!

Comedy is such a mood booster, and there is an excellent comedy lined up just for you! If you have heard of the world famous Nikki Glaser thats great, if you haven't then even better! Because seeing this hilarious comic for the first time ever is a force to be reckoned with! Nikki Glaser, touring again for winter, 2024 and critics are giving pretty impressive reviews, the internet is going crazy and fans are buying tickets in frenzy! This is hilarious and we all cannot get enough, the feeling you get is unmatched, laughing so much you cry! The funny, funny evening will take place on Saturday 27th January 2024, at the astounding Uptown Theater, Kansas City, Missouri, ideal for a night of comedy and the favorite in the city for this type of event! Tickets are selling fast, so if you haven't given it a thought yet then, now is the time. You can secure straight from this page, just click the buy button immediately!

Nikki Glaser at Uptown Theater - KC

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